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At Ong & Partners we believe that it is the people who make up our team that are our firm's greatest asset. As a team, our people share the same visions and values of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, commitment and excellence. It is the combination of our expertise and our shared vision that allows us to deliver the highest standard of legal services to our clients.

Our people, from partners, legal associates, paralegals to our administrative and support staff are dynamic, dedicated, pragmatic and committed to meeting your requirements without compromising integrity and quality.


​Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of practice and are able to deliver personalised and effective solutions to all your needs. Whatever your matters and requirements are, you will find the right people here.


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We focus on providing and delivering a full spectrum of legal services and solutions promptly and effectively across our practice groups.


Whether you are looking for legal services on conveyancing matters, project development advisory and consultation, banking and finance, dispute resolution and litigation, or corporate matters and solutions, we are able to deliver the most efficient, effective and practical legal solutions to your personal and business requirements.


Our works are highly acclaimed throughout the years since our inception and we recognise that confidence of our clients in our professionalism and consistency of excellence is the foundation of our Firm’s reputation. With this in mind, we always strive to deliver the highest standard of services in all respects to our clients.


In performing the services you entrusted to us, we are guided by our philosophy and belief in ensuring that we meet your needs by providing you with prompt, top-notch, solution-oriented and reliable legal service and at the same time, ensuring that the key values of integrity and professionalism are not compromised.


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Kuala Lumpur Office

+603 - 614 22928 / 6028 / 3028

Taiping Office

+605 - 807 7988 / 808 5988​

Ipoh Office

+605 - 541 5928 / 6928

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